Before we proceed to the student zone…

There is something you should know.

We still have a very special
(and secret) offer for you here.

You will only see this page once,
so please read every word very carefully,
it is really very important…

To complete your purchase, do not click back,
do not refresh or close this page.

If you want to go beyond the basics, if you want to be a
well-rounded baker, my course
“Enchanted World of Ganaches”
(EGW) is perfect for you.

It’s a true ganache university!

My student Thayná was able to beautifully describe,
in this short video,
the MASTERful and unique experience it is
to be part of the Enchanted World of Ganaches.

Here is the scene she described…
And between us…
These scenes of mine caused the biggest stir
in the baking world! Stunning!


Now I imagine you must be EAGER for this upgrade to the MEG, but you might be worried about the price…

After all, it’s an advanced-level course. It’s the official certification of my ganache fairies.

But fear not… The best is yet to come!
The MEG is priced at $297*, and registrations are open during certain times of the year.

At the exact moment you receive this opportunity, others cannot access any purchase button, like the one shown below. They simply remain on a waiting list for the next class, which has no scheduled date.

Therefore, as mentioned before: if you want the MEG, seize the opportunity on this page, because there is no way to make the purchase through any other means later on, okay?

*Special condition
upgrade to MEG
for Magic Ganache

5x $13.34
or $59
cash payment

ATTENTION: You can only purchase this course here and now, so think carefully about your decision.

Full Guarantee

You have nothing to lose!

Andrezza’s courses are fully guaranteed. Therefore, if you purchase, try, and decide that the course is not for you, simply request a refund within the first 7 days, and we will fully refund your invested amount.

No risks, no bureaucracy, no questions asked, and no fine print!

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